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      1. Brand advantage
        • Design advantage

          Simone Cenedese and others famous designer who fromed a great team which use the unique designer language,adopt sustainable design philosophy and scientific design system,achieve the integration of artistry and technology,It lays a solid foundation for the brightness lighting.

        • Research and development advantage

          More than 10 years experience workers in lighting assembly who use the artistic,practical,environmental protection concept as the production rules. Ancient traditional handicraft combined the advanced modern technology which show the professional quality and skills. Florida lighting company which pay much attention to the every aspect of the lighting,it indicate the responsibility and seriousness.

        • Quality advantage

          Florida lighting company establish a standard management system,ensuring the quality of the productions meet the domestic and international standards,insisting on careful consideration of each design which in the aspect of materials and parts,providing consmers with the most perfect products and services which is Florida lighting company’s unrmitting pursuit.

        • Projects advantage

          Florida lighting company service real-estate company which include:xinghe wan,yajule,baoli,huarun,zhuguang,shangdong,changlong,wanda,hengda and so on;After years of hard work,the scope of services develope to the Beijing,shanghai,guangzhou,shenzhen,wuhan,chengdu,changsha,kunming,nanning,zhengzhou….;it selected by many large projects and famous brands,and established a long-term relationship of cooperation.

        • Sales advantage

          In addition to our own lighting brand,there are sub-brands-CAMOLI. Florida lighting company have the exclusive agent for Iris crystal bohemia,La murrina,Baccarat,and it also provide good customization to customers.

        • Services advantage
          Florida lighting company sincerely provide customers with pre-sale and after-sales service;It is our duty to solve our customer’s worries which make them with satisfation.
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