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      1. Handcraft

        1Perfect raw materials are used to obtain high quality crystal(24% PBO leads for our goods;32% PBO leads for swarovski)

        2Glass blowing factory,cutter,engraver,etc.all the factories worker master perfect skill which practice for long time.

        3In order to achieve perfect product quality,we need to inspection the goods strictly.

        4Crystal standard: Egypt octagon beads+K9 crystal for decorations.

        5Raw material will be heated to 1350 degrees,and then cooled to 1200 degree to start the molding,during the processing,we need to keep moving for the materials which can not affected by gravity.For the crystal cup,it needs to blowing by craftsman’s mouth,and then polish the whole shape with glovers or utensils.Because such tedious process requires worker’s physical and technical support.

        6after inspection the goods strictly,the goods will send to the cold workshop for various cutting and carving.through this three-dimensional cutting method,lighting will be more shining.

        7Golden edge technology:Grinding,pickling,polishing,24K gold solution,high temperature firing,after a number of procedures before selecting the good products.

        Technological process
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